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    fashion-jewelryFashion trends come and go so it is but natural if you will wonder how to wear trendy clothes and jewelry. It is a very creative endeavor. Since fashion jewelry is kind of affordable, you can actually experiment to see what fits your style. If you think your wardrobe is a bit boring, you can lift it up a bit with some jewelry. Here are some tips so you know you are wearing them right:

    Go for color

    One of the best thing to do when it comes to choosing fashionable jewelry is go for colorful ones. A modern wardrobe, which tends to be neutral, will become wonderful with some colorful jewelry. If you have some beige tops, black pants, and gray sweaters, you can easily enhance them with a ring with pink gemstone, drop earrings with blue glasses, yellow pendants, or bracelets made of purple beads.

    Go for pieces with character

    Your personal taste is what matters most when it comes to choosing your outfit. Instead of just going for fashion jewelry that are popular, choose pieces that somehow show your personality. If you are an animal lover, you can go for kitten rings, butterfly necklaces, or owl pendants. You can also go for leather bracelets or stackable rings. Fashionable jewelry is meant to help you express yourself so it should show your individuality.

    Look at another decade for inspiration

    You can also look to the past for inspiration. You can go for vintage-inspired jewelry that can help complete your 1950s, 1960s, or 1980s look. If you are going for peasant skirts or sundresses, a long beaded necklace will go great with both. Your skinny jeans and high-cut sneakers can go well with leather cuffs. A cocktail ring with a really big gemstone will look fabulous with your 1950s-inspired dress.

  • 05Dec
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    Geneva was witness to a series of record-setting jewelry auctions last month. Christie’s made a record as it put on the block the Archduke Joseph colorless diamond. Then here comes Sotheby’s that sold a deep blue diamond cut in briolette shape for $10.9 million.

    The flawless diamond sets an auction record for being the most expensive deep blue diamond on a per carat pricing. It also broke the pricing records at an auction for briolettes.

    The multimillion grab was done by Laurence Graff with its pricing going sky high compared to its pre-selling valuation of $4.5M.



    The 2012 auction in Geneva by Sotheby raked in around $193 million. Around 89% of the auction pieces were acquired covering around 94% of the forecast value.

    A 1920s diamond, conch pearl bracelet crafted by Cartier was sold for $3.5 million. This item also set a record for conch pearl collections. The jewelry was acquired by a collector from Europe. It was once a property of Victoria Eugenia, Queen of Spain and the grand mother of the reigning king of the country.

    There were also a pair of ear clips with Burmese rubies that sold for a whopping $3.5 million. This was bought by an Asian buyer.

    There were also strong results for items made in Kashmir and Burmese sapphires as well as Columbian diamonds and emeralds.

    This December, Sotheby’s will conduct a Magnificent Jewels sale in their New York house.

  • 06Jul
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    It has been a long story and history between Britain and gold. The Goldsmiths’ Company tells this thru an exhibit called “Gold: Power and Allure”.

    The fascinating exhibit is housed at the Goldsmiths’ hall in London. The British love affair with the precious metal started with the accidental finding near the Stonehenge. This discovery dates back to around 2300BC and is thought to be the earliest ornaments made of gold in the United Kingdom. There are also neck gold pieces believed to be from the Iron and Bronze age.

    Since the early discoveries, gold was mined across Wales and England. The wedding rings of the royalties today are made from Welsh Gold. As Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, the exhibit will feature some of the historic items from the collection of her family from gold rings, gold brooches, and gold crowns.

    There is also a lot of pieces to trace the history of British coinage and currency in line with the Gold Standard set in 1816 by Sir Isaac Newton. There are also Olympic medals from the early 1900s in anticipation of the London Olympics set to open before the end of July. The rare medals come close to the standards of today’s gold medals that are made of 1.34% old and 92.5% silver.

    Other unusual gold pieces include a life-size mouse crafted from gold and decorated with pearls and red garnet. This item is thought to be by Henri Maillardet from Switzerland and dates back to 1810. The gold mouse was purchased by English collectors in 1871 for 22 quids for the Bowes’ museum located at Barnard Castle in County Durham. The small gem measures 11 centimeters is one of less than 10 pieces in the world today. The mechanism t make it run and twitch its whiskers still works.

    The exhibition is open until July 28. Admission is free.

  • 26Mar
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    Classic diamonds ruled the awards nights carpet but during the Oscar the spotlight was on the more organic, larger, modern pieces of jewelry. Here are some of the best that needs a second glance:

    Bulgari earrings for Tina Fey

    The chandelier earrings were an excellent choice for stars walking on the red carpet but nothing was more than stunning with how Tina Fey wore hers. The beautiful actress had a pari of Bulgari chandelier earrings fashioned from emerald and sapphire that went well with her dress in navy hue. The colors of the jewelry were very flattering and looked to match the color of the dress from a distance while showing emerald contrasts when seen from up close. Just lovely.

    Irene Neuwith earrings for Busy Philipps

    Busy Philipps had an exceptional pair of earrings from Irene Neuwirth. The unique earrings made use of opal in cerulean and vermillion resulting to an undeniable charm, making it one of the most beautiful piece of jewelry during the Oscar.

    Cuffs by Anna Hu for Gwynneth Paltrow

    Where can the beautiful Gwynneth Paltrow go wrong? Apparently nothing during the Oscar red carpet even as the versatile talent paired her white cape with lovely cuffs from designer Anna Hu that even Wonder Woman will be envious about. The piece was inspired by Snow Queen from The Nut Cracker with 2,368 pieces of icy DVVS diamonds or about 163 carats in all. The actress added a fresh touch with her matching ring.

    Lorraine Schwartz earrings for Viola Davis

    Viola Davis had a pair of emerald earrings from designer Lorrain Scwartz. The earrings stood out from the rest given the great attention to the smallest of details. Davis paired this with her Vera Wang emerald green dress. The mounting of the gem was classic and add to the equation the filigree covering which made the earrings more interesting.

  • 23Dec
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    Here are some of the most expensive colored stones to drool for:

    Spirit of de Grisogono

    The value of this black diamond is unknown but it started to be the 5th biggest diamond so  far which tipped the scale at 587 carats and ended up at 312.24 carats after cutting. The supersized diamond was dug up a few decades ago and is now perfectly set on white gold mount hugged by hundreds of diamonds weighing around 36.69 carats.

    Ocean Dream Diamond

    This really precious stone was found in central Africa and is considered one of a kind having a natural blue-green color. The experts has not given a tag price for this unique diamond of 5.5 carats and have found out that the stoned got its color from its exposure to radiation for several millions of years.

    Hope Diamond

    This blue-gray diamond has a tag price of $250 million dollars and is among the most visited piece of art in the globe next to Mona Lisa. It was dug up in India back in 1812 and is believed to be cursed as many of its past owners committed suicide.

    Graff Pink Diamond

    If Hope Diamond is too expensive for you, how about the Graff Pink valued at $46 million dollars? The emerald cut 24.78 carat diamond is among the most sought after diamond to be auctioned in the recent years. It was acquired by Laurence Graff and he did spend a lot for this pink gem.

    Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

    This was unearthed in India back in the 1600s and has been part of the Bavarian and Austrian crown jewels. The 35 carat deep blue gem was refashioned last year to further reveal its beauty. The new owner said the stone will be crafted using the knowledge and technology today so it will be more beautiful (read: more expensive).

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    M&C15-BLU-  06_LAll right guys, now that we have talked about the elegant, let’s go ahead and talk about the everyday and I have to say that the brand new Blu Bijoux is one of the few pieces that I can honestly say that I love … deeply.  I am one of these people that absolutely love rock and roll and I think that this piece is actually a great addition to any jewelry collection.

    The sky blue resin cuff is actually incredible to wear with any outfit – that is casual and the black peace symbol is something that truly makes the Blu Bijoux one cool and interesting bracelet.

    The interior is about 2 ¾ inch in diameter, so it will be easy to slip on and it will really rock your world!

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    SweetMemoriesTeardropEarringsOne thing that you should really think about whenever you are putting on your next set of earrings is the trends for earrings.  There are trends for everything and earrings are not exception and I have to say that – teardrop earrings are definitely the biggest trend right now.

    Think about it, a shiny, shiny teardrop earring on your beautiful ears to compliment any outfit.  Personally, I love it when the earrings are part of the outfit and that they truly to make the outfit stand out that much sweeter and that is what teardrop earrings do for you.

    They are one of the most graceful and elegant pieces of jewelry that I have ever seen and if you want class – teardrop earrings are it!

  • 03Apr
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    imgname--red_queen_for_a_day---50226711--images--alice030410If there is one thing that I love and that I have seen at least three times since it came out, that is Alice in Wonderland and the fact that jewelers are actually taking the hint and they are coming up with designs based on this awesome movie is incredible.  This piece is just one of the many Alice in Wonderland inspired pieces that have come out since the movie has been released.

    Personally, I think that this one is actually extremely awesome trend that is catching on everywhere.  I have fallen in love with Alice in Wonderland over and over again since I saw the movie and I personally think that the jewelry is so tastefully done it is awesome.

    To find these pieces, all you really have to do is look for them online.  All of the jewelers are coming up with their own designs, you just have to find one that suits you!

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    imgname--bangles_that_pop---50226711--images--melindamariaBangles, this season is all about the bangles and I have to say that the beautiful Melinda Maria’s Infinity Bangles have become quite an awesome accessory this spring.  They have been found on everyone and anyone and that is something that every jeweler strives for.

    Now, there is something that you should know about Melinda Maria’s Infinity Bangles and that is that you do not actually have to wear them all at once.  You can wear just one or you can wear two or three.  Whatever you think will spice up your outfit a little bit!

    This is definitely a great way to add in some glamour and glitz to any outfit that you might be wearing!

  • 20Mar
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    Now that we have talked a little bit about the statement and chunky necklaces let’s move onto the next trend in jewelry that is sweeping the nation: chunky statement bracelets!  To go with that necklace that is completely chunky and makes you stand out, you need to make sure that you get yourself some bracelets as well!

    This picture is just one example of what a chunky bracelet looks like.  There are a ton of different styles that you can choose from, whether you are looking for a chunky cuff bracelet or you are interested in a charm bracelet – there are many different options.

    You want to be different and unique?  These trends will definitely help you achieve that and make sure that you stay in style!